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Quick work, clean clothes, and crisply steamed

We’ve helped several hotels clean their bedsheets, bed wraps, quilts, curtains, and other commercial garments or clothes. We do this in a highly hygienic, technology-driven method. Your guests’ safety and comfort matter to us as much it does to you!

The State-of-the-Art Folding Machine

We are delighted to announce our incredible machine — one that can take an entire laundry load and fold it in a few minutes. The robot features ergonomic designed clipping technology that can fold any type of clothes. its fast folding abilities allows you to feed your items continuously while it simultaneously folds them. with smart robot properties, the machine can adjust the folding methods based on your preferences, item type and sizes.

What You’re Signing Up For


Our 100 KG fully automatic heavy-duty washers, 50 KG driers, and the three roll calendaring machine will make clean your sheets spotless and make them look just as new!

Steam Iron

Thanks to our approved IBR boilers, we deal with large volumes of garments with ease. We steam and pressure the garments until they’re creaseless and crisp.

Pick Up And Drop

We know managing hotel laundry is a difficult process. So, we’ll help you by picking it up and dropping it from and at your inn.We know managing hotel laundry is a difficult process.

Technology And Trust

Very few competitors have the machines we have, like the three roll calendaring machine. This technological superiority means quicker delivery!We know managing hotel laundry

Call our expert
We’ll pick up the laundry
Wash, dry, and steam
Drop it back at yours

Why Choose Us

Why we’re the best hotel laundry service in Coimbatore?

As your hotel’s dry cleaners, we at Washbees promise to leave no spots, have no crinkles, and make laundry as smooth as possible for your business. If your hotel is located anywhere near Coimbatore, Mettupalayam, Coonoor, or the likes of it, you’ve got to try our services once!

Clean bedding, happy guests

The accommodation and hotel industry thrives on trust and cleanliness. Every hotel aspires to give its customers the best experience possible. The most under-appreciated, yet the most important thing in the hotel room are the quality of the garments. Guest after guest, the fabrics like bedsheets, doormats, quilts, pillow covers, and even curtains have to be kept, maintained, and wrinkled out. That’s how we make our guests smile and get a great night’s sleep.

Where hotel fabric gets replenished

We’re hotel launderers operating out of Coimbatore. If you’re looking for a laundry partner for your hotel, we’re here!




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